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Liver Meal is a high protein specialty product manufactured from whole livers. These materials are processed under controlled time and temperature conditions and then dried to provide a fine meal product. The protein and fat content of this product provide for an exceptional source of energy and a real liver flavor for specialty pet food formulas.



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Liver Meal performs as an excellent ingredient in pet food formulas, as well as aquaculture feeds. Suggested usage levels of 1 to 3% will provide significant palatability increase when applied externally if mixed with fat prior to joint application weight loss quick. Internal application can also result in increased palatability at usage levels of 3 to 6%.



Storage in unopened containers may be indefinite. However to maintain full nutritional value recommended storage at room temperature is three months.



Liver Meal is packaged in 50 lb. poly- lined double wall paper bags. Other packaging arrangements are negotiable.



Protein 62.0% min.

Moisture 10.0% max.

Fat 20.0% max.

Ash 7.0% max.



Aspartic Acid 5.60% Tryptophan 0.93%

Serine 3.09% Threonine 3.08%

Hydroxyproline 0.01% Glutamic Acid 10.28%

Proline 3.29% Glycine 3.79%

Alanine 3.48% Cystine 0.91%

Valine 3.75% Methionine 1.23%

Isoleucine 2.04% Leucine 5.41%

Tyrosine 2.22% Phenylalanine 2.08%

Hydroxylysine 0.01% Histidine 2.17%

Arginine 4.41% Lysine- Total 4.34%