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Steamed Bone Meal is the most natural form of calcium and phosphorus available for animal health. This dried and ground product is sterilized by cooking with steam under pressure. This material is produced exclusively from bones.





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Steamed Bone Meal is packed in 50 lb. paper bags. 2,500 lbs. are on each pallet. Pallets are to be exchanged. Steamed Bone Meal is also available in one ton super sacks.



Steamed Bone Meal could be priced either FOB Austin, MN. in 2000 pound totes or FOB Grafton, WI in 50 lb. bags. Delivered prices to the location of your choice are available. Contracts will be accepted for shipment up to one year in advance.



Calcium 23% minimum

Phosphorus 13% minimum

Crude Protein 6% minimum

Moisture 7% maximum

Particle Size:100% will pass through a 40 mesh screen with 98% through a 100 mesh screen.