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Beet Pulp is the vegetable matter that remains after sugar is extracted from sliced sugar beets. It is bulk feed, high in fiber and unique in that its fiber is extremely digestible. Beet Pulp swells tremendously when moistened which pulls the ration apart in the animal’s stomach and allows the gastric juices to circulate freely.



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Beet Pulp Shreds are available in bulk or in 40 lb. bags. Bulk material is delivered in dump or live bottom trailers with each truckload containing about 18 to 23 tons. It can be handled with normal equipment used in the feed or grain industry.



Beet Pulp Shreds can be included in dairy rations at up to 10 lbs./cow/day depending on other feedstuffs available. In beef rations Beet Pulp can be fed at 15-20% of the total ration. Horses can be fed up to 30% of the ration as Beet Pulp. With all classes of livestock, care must be taken to balance the vitamin and mineral needs, especially phosphorus, as Beet Pulp is low in this mineral.


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Crude Protein 7.0%

Fat 0.3%

Fiber 22.0%

TDN 74.0%

NE/L 0.81 Mcal/lbs.

Calcium 0.6%

Phosphorus 0.1%