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LaBudde Group is a trading company largely focused on the movement of physical commodities.  Along with
trading ingredients, we have our own manufacturing facilities where we produce and bag our own ingredients, we import and export, we offer specialty blends, we broker freight, and much more throughout North America and worldwide. We are an entrepreneurial trading company committed to growth in existing and emerging markets. We are known for delivering innovative solutions to serve our customers and suppliers.

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LaBudde Group, Inc. merchandises by-products from various manufacturers of food products. In turn, these by-products are made available to the industry to suit their needs. We also can supply, as a service to our customers, the logistical means in order for you to get your products when you need them.

Hemp Drying

LaBudde Group offers hemp drying at our facility in Akron, MI.  We are already experts at drying tomato, apple, and coffee, so hemp seemed like a natural fit for us.  If you need your hemp mechanically dried, we are your one-stop shop as we can also offer grinding, packaging, storage, and transportation.  

We are scheduling customers today for fall harvest so please contact us to learn more.

Pet Food

Many companies rely on LaBudde Group, Inc. for commodities to use in the manufacturing of pet food. In fact, so many pet food manufacturers use LaBudde Group to source ingredients that it would be very difficult to find a pet food retailer anywhere in the country that is not selling pet food that LaBudde has supplied ingredients for. We are able to help these manufacturers through our commitment to service and by using our available resources.


Read more about our Warehousing Services.

Special Commodities

Products can change from food to feed grade products for various reasons. Those reasons can include out of date products, improper temperatures, delivery problems, discontinued products or packaging, screenings and numerous other reasons. Some of these special commodity products become opportunities for LaBudde Group, Inc. which in turn become opportunities for our customers.

Do you have an special commodity product you need to dispose of at a fair price to all? Are there special commodity products you are interested in? Contact us at LaBudde Group, Inc. today and talk to a sales associate.

We have a continuous available supply of some special commodity products. Please contact us today to discuss the availability of these products. The nutrient content varies along with the product we receive.


LaBudde Group Inc. can arrange the transportation of your product or goods from your door to the destination of storage.

Rail Delivery: See if rail delivery suits your needs.

Truck Delivery: See if any of the truck delivery choices suit your needs.

Bulk Goods: Hoppers, Dumps, Walking Floors, Pneumatics.

Packaged Goods: Dry Vans, Refrigerated Vans, Intermodal.