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Our History

LaBudde is named after the founding family and was first formed in the early 1900’s in downtown Milwaukee, WI to handle by-products from the numerous breweries. LaBudde became actively involved in feed mills and warehousing during the late 1930’s in southeastern Wisconsin locations such as Germantown, Port Washington and West Bend. These facilities were sold off in the early 1950’s. More sales emphasis was given to pet food ingredient sales starting in the late 1970’s. The 1990’s brought interest in expanding sales and purchases to the international market.  LaBudde’s office stayed in downtown Milwaukee until 1981 when the office was moved to Brown Deer, WI. The office was then moved to Grafton, WI, in 1986.  After a successful 29 years in Grafton, the office was moved to its current location in Cedarburg, WI in 2015.

Ownership remained in the LaBudde family until 1978 when Richard and Phyllis Apple purchased the company. George LaBudde stayed active in the business until retirement in 1983 when he was in his mid 70’s.  Richard Erickson purchased the business in 1985.  Under Rich’s leadership LaBudde underwent significant growth.  Rich saw the value in owning warehouses and increasing LaBudde’s processing capabilities, so the company added many employees and several locations during his tenure.  In early 2020, Rich sold the business to two employees and two local businessmen.  LaBudde is now owned by Randy Groth, John Dunfee, Jed Frank, and Tom Mongoven.  All four owners grew up in Cedarburg and are excited to carry on Rich’s legacy.

It is the primary goal of LaBudde to provide a comfortable work environment for employees where they will be given the opportunity to provide their families with a better standard of living than what would be possible elsewhere.