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Mission Statement


LaBudde shall strive to be the market leader in the global development of turning waste and by-products to value-added consumer products.



LaBudde shall be the leader in the global development of turning waste to value-added consumer products.



LaBudde Group, Inc. was established over 100 years ago for the purpose of merchandising the by-products of the beer business in Milwaukee. Although there have been numerous changes since 1907, our core business is still involved with handling by-products from food and beverage processing plants. Our sales and purchasing territory have also spread out from the Milwaukee area early in the century to include most of the world today. Indeed, it is now a rare day when an offer or a request does not come in from a country outside the United States.

We routinely get involved with about 160 different ingredients for feed use. LaBudde has gained a reputation over the years for being able to find markets for items that others don’t know what to do with. We also get involved with salvage operations from disasters such as fires and train wrecks. Our “stock in trade” is our creativity.



Feed ingredients offered by LaBudde Group, Inc. shall be of the very best quality we can provide for the price we are offering. We will not offer a product or service that we do not believe in or cannot take personal pride in offering at the requested price level. We will strive to offer maximum value for our customer’s dollar while maintaining the maximum margin justifiable for the company.