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Barley has about 95 percent of the energy of corn and is higher in fiber. Barley should be ground or rolled for maximum utilization by dairy cows. Barley can vary greatly in feed value depending on its source and growing conditions. Protein may vary from 7 to 13 percent. Lightweight or immature barley tends to be higher in fiber, less digestible and lower in energy than heavy weight barley. Barley is very palatable and safe to feed in large quantities. It may be included in the grain mix at high levels.



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Dry matter 89 %

Crude Protein 11.6 %

Fat 02.0 %

Crude fiber 06.0 %

Neutral Detergent Fiber 16.9 %

Acid Detergent Fiber 06.2 %

Calcium 0.07 %

Phosphorus 0.36 %

Total Digestible Nutrients 76.0 %

Net energy—Lactation 78.3 Mcal/100 lbs