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Barley Flour is produced from barley after malting and removal of sugar and starch by hot water extraction. The extracted barley is dried by indirect steam, milled and sifted to obtain a flour which 100% passes a US 40 mesh screen and 90% is retained by a US 120 mesh screen.





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Protein 18.5 %

Crude Fat 06.8 %

Total Dietary Fiber 65.0 % (AACC Method 32 – 05/ AOAC/ Prosky Method)

Ash 04.6 %

Moisture 07.0 %



Density (lbs/cu. Ft.) 32

Color Uniform Tan

Aroma Mild roasted grain

Flavor Bland

Granulation Through US # 40 – 100 %

Packaging Packed in 50 lb multiwall paper bags. Also available for bulk delivery.

Storage Best stored at dry and cool conditions (32 – 40 degrees F).

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