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We are getting our first reports from our clients of spring field work in certain parts of the country. With spring comes a new year of possibilities. What do you have planned for the year? Have you assessed how to best build your future? That is what planting season and calving season means on the farm. It is a new beginning for the farm. It builds on the knowledge and base that has been growing during the farm’s history. The goals are for healthy animals, a plentiful crop, and hopefully a profitable year.

The agriculture sectors in the US are falling upon some difficult times. The most efficient and well run operations are struggling with low market pricing and international trade questions. We have a world economy that is very dependent on many variables out of their control. LaBudde Group tries to help mitigate some of those variables.

One of the discussions I try to have with my customers is to look at options for feed. Can we get the same nutrition in the ration with a more economical option? Partnering with a Nutritionist can be a team approach to lowering feed costs. Will we lose milk production or gain some if we exchange Linseed Meal for Soybean Meal? Can we use corn starch instead of ground corn and save some money but keep energy up in the ration?

Obstacles and challenges build creative solutions. This is a cornerstone of any farming operation. LaBudde is an amazing resource for this. A local feedmill may only be able to offer one or two ingredients that they have bin space to hold. We can source any ingredient that an animal can eat. What do you and your nutritionist want to look at? Canola Meal or Linseed Meal for protein? Oat hulls for fiber? Corn Starch for energy? Is Cottonseed getting expensive? Could Beet Pulp be an option?

My goal is to find the item that works best on your operation, not just what I have available to sell. The advantage of byproducts are the versatility of options. Distillers Grains can be a protein boost, but may not be the best option for your dairy or beef operation. Wet Brewers Grains or distillers soluble syrup mixed with corn bran or oat hulls might be the perfect energy feed with fiber for your heifers.

How can LaBudde help your operation? What opportunities will the spring bring? We are happy to talk things over with you while you are sitting in the tractor busy planting corn!!